Samstag, 31. Juli 2010

Carte Blanche Videos

Musikvideo zu DJ Mehdis und Ritons Carte Blanche (Gare Du Nord)
+ 3 sehr sehenswerte Video Edits


DJ Mehdi zur Entstehung des Videos:

"Couple months ago, RITON sent me this amazing ‘Percolator’ youtube clip from ‘THE NEW DANCE SHOW’, legendary local Detroit TV program, where the best dancers came to rock their moves and flashiest gear to the camera. The music, the dancers, the whole feeling was just perfect: it made instant sense to us that we had to use those clips for our own CARTE BLANCHE project.

(To be honest, we did contemplate the idea of re-shooting the whole thing with the help of Ryan from POMP&CLOUT. Mainly because it would have given us the opportunity to appear (and dance!) in our own video, which is always an ambition of mine. But, from building the set, to cast the dancers, and from emulating the clothing style, to copying the shitty video camera effect, the whole thing seemed a bit of a challenge. Not to mention the great jeopardy of Riton’s dancing.)"

Tanzender Alter Mann

The Fresh Prince (Mein Favorit)

und zu guterletzt...seht selbs

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